Learn the Language of Hair  

So you can transform any mess into a hairstyling masterpiece


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Learn the Language of Hair 

So you can transform any mess into a hairstyling masterpiece.


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Live and Online Education for hairstylists


Who aren’t interested in copy-and-paste styling, but crave a profound understanding of hair so they can design breathtaking looks of their own. 

Consider this is your place to learn everything there is to know about hair and how to make it behave exactly the way you want it to.


Hi, I’m Robyn, a New Zealand hairstylist with over 35 years of experience.


Which is quite shocking given I don’t look a day over 25.  

All joking aside, I’ve been passionate about hair ever since I was a little girl. Since starting my hairdressing career at 16, I’ve done a bit of it all—from running my own salon to styling on TV shows like Dancing with the Stars

I’m not here to teach you how to do basic buns or step-by-step hairstyles (you can use YouTube for that), but I am here to spill everything my years of experience have taught me so you have all the tools and knowledge you need to become a master hairstylist yourself

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All the Ways to Upskill Your Hairstyling Abilities



If you only choose one thing, let it be this

These self-paced video courses will teach you everything you need to know to master prepping hair for styling and problem-solving different hairy scenarios. 

Suitable for all skill levels.

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In-person education for hands-on learners.

These Auckland-based workshops cover the season’s specific styles with time split between demonstration and doing it yourself so you’ll walk away inspired and with all of your questions answered.


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Education tailored to the skills you want to master. 

Whether it’s a private workshop or a meeting on Zoom, this personalized mentorship will help you finetune your skills and overcome any sticking points that have held back your confidence. 


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Robyn is quite truly simply amazing! 

She is the quintessential wedding & event hair stylist. Not only is her talent remarkable but her ability to teach, demonstrate and pass on her wealth of knowledge is invaluable. I’m so grateful to Robyn for reinspiring me and helping me to believe in myself again through the gift of education. 

- Laura Knight, Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist

As a Hairstylist Who Invests in Their Education,

You Will:

Become the hairstylist everyone wants to book

Feel confident taking any job


Be able to raise your prices and receive more rave reviews


And finally, feel like you know what the hell you’re doing the entire time you’re styling someone’s hair.

So Just Show me the Course!