The key to styling amazing hair isn't what you think... 


Before you can become a master hairstylist, you need to know a few things first. What tool is best for static hair?

What products and techniques add volume so thin hair can be styled?

What questions should you ask if someone’s inspiration photo won’t look the way they want?

These are the forgotten fundamentals no one teaches: the tips and tricks that unlock the door to styling fabulous hair.


To be a great hairstylist

you absolutely must…

Know How to Read Hair 


So you can walk into a tricky hair situation, accommodate the client/director’s desires, and produce a result they love 



know how to read hair 


So you can walk into a tricky hair situation, accommodate the client/director’s desires, and produce a result they love 

Be in Control 


So you know how to handle and overcome the likes of hairlines that don’t sit well, unruly hair, and other common obstacles



Be Confident in your Tools & Techniques 


So you know exactly what to use and where to start to create someone’s desired look



be confident in your tools & techniques 


So you know exactly what to use and where to start to create someone’s desired look


Fundamentals: an online hair styling course


A 5-module video course shot over my shoulder so you can see the exact tools, techniques, and products I use as I demonstrate on real models where to begin, what to consider, and how to stay in control. 

You'll learn everything you need to unlock the path to styling totally fabulous hair.


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Jadey Drury, Hairdresser

“Even after all these years in the field, The Fundamentals [Course] was so refreshing, it's just good to [have] a reminder of tips when working under pressure. Yesterday at my wedding, I would normally get caught using the same go-to products but I reached for others in my kit and used your wave technique. The end result was magical. You are amazing, Robyn.”

meet the award-winning hairstylist 


Hi, I’m Robyn Munro

—and I know what it takes to turn any head of hair into a truly incredible look.

After all, I’ve been doing it for over 35 years!

From hair salons and styled shoots to fashion runaways and weddings, I’ve practiced and perfected the process of creating beautifully designed hair that’s well-constructed, long-lasting, and on schedule. 

but it wasn't always that way.. 


I’ve been in the position of quietly sh*tting my pants while someone’s hair didn’t go the way I wanted. 

I’ve experienced hair that doesn’t hold curl, buns that no amount of bobby pins would hold in place, final frizzy looks with no time to start over, time pressure, humidity… all types of bloody problems! 

Working in many kinds of conditions with all types of hair taught me to rethink my starting points, consider my product choices and styling techniques, and ask the right kinds of questions so I could deliver a final result my clients loved. 

Now, I’m here to share everything I know so that you too can know exactly what it takes to become a master hairstylist.

How To Read Hair

So you’ll know how to best approach and style fine, medium, and course hair no matter the type, texture, or density

Your Go-To Products

So you’ll know exactly what products to turn to when it comes to preparing hair for styling

What Questions to Ask

So you understand exactly what clients want and can produce a look that suits their fancy while actually looking good on them

How To Design Your Kit

So you know what to consider when choosing the tools and products for your toolkit (and what ones to avoid)

Favorite Tools

So you feel beyond confident knowing what tools you need to get started and work away

Where to Start

So you know the first step to take and can dive right in to deliver a polished look on schedule

The Impact of Setting

So you can critically consider what products and tools are best based on the environment you’re styling in


module 1

Start by learning the most essential skill: how to read hair. We’ll walk through type, texture, and density so you know what techniques to use when working on any kind of hair whether fine, medium, or coarse.

module 2

Learn to recognize what products are useful and what to avoid as well as other factors to consider such as ease of use, smell, and price point. Whether it’s prepping the hair, working the shape, or finishing the look, we’ll cover all the different products you’ll need.

module 3

Understand how to control hair to create the best possible starting point with different blow-drying techniques. You’ll learn how to manage hairlines and texture as well as what it takes to create volume and movement.

module 4

Find out what types of tools are best as I walk you through my tool kit. From brushes to bandaids, I’ll explain everything I use and love and what rubbish to avoid. 

module 5

Unlock the inspiration photos clients share by learning what questions to ask so you know where to start, what tools to use, how to deliver the look they actually want, and how to get the final look to stay.

bonus module

For those who have little to no blowdrying experience, this bonus module covers how to blow wave short hair to give it volume as well as how to control frizz and straighten hair for a clean, short bob.

bonus pdf

In this PDF you’ll discover all of my go-to products for prepping, volumising, mattifying, as well as dry texture sprays, dry wax sprays, and hairsprays. Alongside my totally honest, and occasionally cheeky, reviews, you’ll also find practical tips on how to use these products.

Chloe Mcknight, Hairdresser

A great course for anyone getting into event/wedding hair styling. Really goes into detail with the basics that a lot of other educators commonly miss. Good to go back to the basics, refine them and learn a few new tricks.“

This is for you if…

  • You learn best by example
  • You’re a hair or makeup professional or would like to become one
  • You’ve been in the industry for a while and are interested in upskilling your hairstyling techniques and knowledge 
  • You’ve been thrown into doing hair and are ready to learn and master the professional approach
  • You’re brand new and need to know the proper basics
Join now!

From out of control to knowing exactly where to start

master the fundamentals of styling hair 


In five short modules, learn the tools and techniques to prepare hair for a totally fabulous hairstyle and feel absolutely confident while doing so.

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