Hairstyling Education Tailored to You

Your skills, your goals, your budget, and your location. 
Figure out and finetune what’s holding you back from creating masterpieces of your own.
You don’t want to be a good hairstylist…

You want to be the best one!


One-on-one, we’ll assess and address any areas that could use improvement including your process, final looks, knowledge, and techniques. 

So you know how to overcome what’s holding you back from being anything less than a master hairstylist.

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Robyn has helped me time and time again whenever I have wanted to upskill.

Robyn is the perfect combination of someone who has a passion for hair, phenomenal skills and is effortlessly able to break her knowledge down for people to gain confidence with their hairstyling goals. As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for almost 20 years I can wholeheartedly endorse Robyn as someone who has helped me time and time again whenever I have wanted to upskill - She never fails to impart me with many tips and tricks to make my work life so much easier.

Amy Elgar



For those whose education needs a little bit of everything, we’ll pin down what online courses are best for you, hold 1:1 Zoom calls to go over any questions you have regarding the course material, and meet in person so you can implement what you’ve learned while I’m there to support you.


For those looking for continuous support to take their understanding of different techniques deeper. Our hour-long sessions will be dedicated to whatever topic we’ve decided to work on whether that’s going step by step through a hairstyle or combing through your different approaches.


For those looking for an exclusive workshop, I’ll travel to your salon and hold a workshop for you and your team of hairdressers/stylists/makeup artists on whatever specific topic you’d like. We’ll split our time together between demonstration and hands-on learning so everyone leaves confident in their new skills.


Although this offer is always custom, the process may look like:

This is for you if:


 You’re excited to break into the industry, but aren’t sure where to start


 You have experience but are ready to find out where you can hone in and specialize


✓ You’re a skilled and experienced hairstylist with specific questions you can’t find the answers to

Need Help with a Specific Hairstyle or Designing your Kit?

For those stuck on one particular hairstyle or hair type.. 

I can help with that! For this call, you’ll fill out a simple questionnaire detailing what you’re battling with so I can design our [60-minute] meeting to show you the exact solutions to your hairstyling woes. 

For those with kits that aren't cutting it.. Not to worry!

I’ll design the perfect kit for you. During our [30uk7-minute] call, we’ll go through the contents of your kit and determine what to change or add so there’s not a single tool standing in the way of your hairstyling dreams.


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