No head of hair is created equal. 

Understanding there is always a solution, will secure your position in the control seat… the only place you want to be!

To be a master hairstylist, you have to know how to handle every hair scenario, from thin to thick hair and everything in between, this 4 module video course covers the most common problem areas, so you can stay in control the entire time you’re styling.

To be a Master Hairstylist

you absolutely must…

Know Where to Start


If you have the knowledge to formulate the best possible plan, no head of hair will be a problem 




Know Where to Start


If you have the knowledge to formulate the best possible plan, no head of hair will be a problem 



Be well Equipped with the right Products & Tools


Formulating your master kit will have you reaching for the best possible solution every time


Be in Control 


Know how to handle and overcome the likes of humidity, fine hair that lacks volume, resistant hair that doesn't hold and more ‘real hair’ obstacles


Be well Equipped with the right Products & Tools


Formulating your master kit will have you reaching for the best possible solution every time


Problem Solving Real Hair Issues: An Online Hair Styling Course

A 4-Module video course shot over my shoulder so you can see the exact tools, techniques, and products I use, as I demonstrate the real world solutions to hair that is fine, extra long, full of extensions or very big…
Feel in control in the lead up to each job, knowing you will be prepared to handle any scenario. 
Start the Course

The Problem-Solving course with Robyn has been an absolute God-send. This course has saved me endless hours on Youtube and money on overbuying unnecessary hair products/tools. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to jump on the Express Way to become a confident and professional Hairstylist. Robyn Munro has curated a well-informative and easy-to-grasp video course. The bonus is, it's all from the comfort of your own location and at your own pace!

I am so grateful to have short-cut my way through hairstyling and get to the fun- putting my skills into action. Thank you so much Robyn Munro!

- Sarai Ndaba, Hair & Makeup Artist

Meet the award-winning hairstylist 


Hi, I’m Robyn Munro

— and I have experienced all the hair scenarios to know how to give you the solution.

After all, I’ve been doing it for over 35 years!

From hair salons and styled shoots to fashion runaways and weddings, I’ve brained stormed solutions and learnt by my own mistakes what not to do again and how to formulate the best  possible a plan.

But it wasn't always that way.. 


I’ve been in the position of being overwhelmed with someone’s hair and wanted them to politely leave hahaha 

I’ve experienced hair that doesn’t hold curl, buns that no amount of bobby pins would hold in place, final frizzy looks with no time to start over, time pressure, humidity… all types of bloody problems! 


Believe me I haven't always had the solutions and its taken alot of product testing and brainstorming new techniques to arrive at the place to not be afraid to tackle any head of hair and have a tool kit that can handle any situation.


Now, I’m here to share everything I know so that you too can know exactly what it takes to become confident to handle any hair scenario.


How to calmly make a plan

So you can allocate the hair in the right direction and be in control at all times

Your Go-To Products

So you’ll know exactly what products to turn to optimise the hair

Think Outside the Square

To train your mind to not be overwhelmed and be able to see portions of hair you can optimise and areas to delete

Pack the right ammunition

The battle against problem hair can be won with the right weapons

Your extension knowledge sorted

What system, how to place them and how to hide them. 

Extensions can solve so many issues so knowing how to use them is key

Create the impossible

There is nothing better than giving your client the hair they never dreamed they could have and being able to overcome their hair issues

Volume and control

Controlling hair to be big or small, smooth or textured equals  mastering techniques in hairstyling



Resolve the Challenges of  Thin, Fine and Thick Hair

Learn to volumise fine hair with blow waving techniques, as well as the use of heat, combs and secret pinning - all the tools needed to create the illusion of fuller hair.

Then we move onto the other extreme of too much hair… we look at how to hide it, including sewing in a secret braid and a step by step tutorial of creating hairups for thick hair.

Learn to Handle Short and Extra Long Hair

Short hair and super long hair each have their own challenges… In this module we cover putting short hair up - creating a bigger look using extensions. Then in contrast, looking at the other extreme of very long hair - learning methods to work around the length and then eventually demonstrating two updos.

Understand Curls, Waves and Defrizzing

Learning how to define natural curls as well as successfully straighten natural curls will earn you a lot of love from your curly hair clients. Here we also talking about taming and understanding frizzy, static or difficult to curl hair.

How to Use Hair Extensions to Problem Solve.

Extensions are not just all about adding length… In this module I show you how we can use them to add fullness, texture colour by knowing how to apply a variety of extensions. As example, I create a snatched pony using a pony extension, as well as a red carpet full, long hair using a halo.

This is for you if…

  • You want to be saying yes to every job 
  • You’ve at times felt like an imposter when you don’t know how to handle a clients hair 
  • You’re a hair or makeup professional and want to extend yourself to be the best 
  • You’re embarrassed to admit you find some hair a challenge and would like to find solutions with learning in the privacy of your own home 
  • You want to unlock the secrets 
Buy a Ticket in the Control Seat!
Secure your position in the control seat 

Become  a Master of all Hairstyling  

In four modules, learn the tricks and techniques as well as all the product recommendations to be the best in the Biz and not be afraid of any hair.

Let's do it!