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For those ready to learn the kinds of secrets they don’t teach on Instagram or YouTube.

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If you do any sort of hairstyling, you’ve likely experienced that sh*tting your pants moment.

That moment when…


- A client sits down, tells you what they want, and you feel a stab of panic because you have no idea where to start


- You’re working along and suddenly your client’s hair isn’t cooperating, the clock’s ticking, and your client is getting as nervous as you are

We're back up the bus to the beginning with online courses created to help you avoid those exact moments 


So you can stop using loads of hairspray, praying the hair will go your way and start knowing how to talk to hair and work it into a polished final look that wows your clients.

Jadey Drury, Hairdresser

“Even after all these years in the field, The Fundamentals were so refreshing, it's just so good to give my brain a refresh with a reminder of tips when working under pressure. Yesterday, at my wedding, I would normally get caught using the same go-to products but I reached for others in my kit and used your wave technique and the end result was magical.


The Fundamentals 

Before you can become a master hairstylist, there are a few things you must know first.

In this 5-module video course you’ll learn exactly what those things are—from products to use to questions to ask your clients, you’ll learn the forgotten fundamentals that unlock the path to styling amazing hair.

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Problem Solving

No head of hair is created equal and as a master hairstylist, you’ll need to know how to handle them all.

In this 4-module video course, we’ll cover the most common problem areas and scenarios from thin to thick hair and everything in between so you know how to stay in control the entire time you’re styling.

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1:1 Follow-up Zoom Calls

Whether it’s to ask a question or to receive guidance while implementing something learned in one of the courses, all students are welcome to book a paid, follow-up Zoom call.

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All Video Module Courses are..


And professionally filmed, giving you a high-quality, close-up perspective on everything being demonstrated so you can see precisely what I’m doing with my hands


Showing you how to approach certain techniques, use different tools, and read and handle different types of hair so you can learn by example as I demonstrate in real-time with real models


Teaching you how to understand the construction process of looks so you know how to create seasonal styles yourself instead of wasting time on what’s trending and will go out of fashion in a few years

Lisette Cross, Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist 

“The online format made me a bit skeptical…but it was WAY better than I imagined and I learned heaps. I’m hooked on the online training now! SO GOOD!”

Interested in 1:1 Education?

- You prefer an intimate environment and want to work at your own pace.

- You’re excited to break into the industry but aren’t sure where to star

- You’re a skilled and experienced hairstylist with specific questions and don’t want to waste time and money on products you don’t need 

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