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The secret power move- The art of changing a look

Oct 02, 2022


In my last masterclass I showed two looks on each of my models.

I wanted to demonstrate this for two reasons 

  1. To show people that the way that I teach is not to create a cookie cutter complete hairstyle but rather teach you techniques to create components of hairstyles that can be ( you could say ) mixed and matched to create other hairstyles in a more bespoke way to best suit the clients look and event. 
  2. To show how fast it is to create a second look and change things up to a new vibe just by changing one component of the hairstyle. This is a great thing to be able to do in a photoshoot situation also when there is limited time but an expectation of many looks. It can also work for a bride that wants to change from a more formal look to a quick casual hairstyle for her party. 


The first example Silvia's bun was taken out, making sure we didn’t disturb the intricate workings of her smooth textured crown and soft front and created a puffed pony and also  adding a puff sleeve and changing her earrings.

Our second example on Phoebe we kept the curls and fullness of the back of her hair and put up the front, while being careful to not disturb the position of the halo extension that was applied. In the second look that was created for Phoebe we went for a fun party look and she had a complete outfit change, by adding a few sparkles in her hair, it complemented the complete look.


Years ago the bride would change at the end of the wedding reception to her going away outfit and this was a more formal look and the guest would wave them goodbye to start their lives as a married couple.

Nowadays the couple have usually started their lives together and once the reception is done and dusted it’s party time to celebrate. The concept of the bride making some kind of change to her look is so much fun ! That can be a whole new dress or removing components of her wedding dress, taking her hair down or putting it up,changing her lip colour or simply taking off her shoes. Certainly a hair change can be a fast and effective way to create a visual new look although does mean them paying for a second service. 


Photoshoot days we have to be strategic with our planning. Not over loading the hair with products is helpful to save time and keep each individual look working well. Using clip in extensions can be really helpful and I will often pre prep them to make it faster. I tend to wait to meet the model and see the look of the clothing etc before I decide what looks I will do and I will start with the look that can give me a good base for the following looks. I generally start with a down hairstyle and then put it up if time allows.




Top Tips for creating that second look

  • When designing the first look consider how the change will be made and what elements you will be keeping, plan your sections carefully.
  • Make sure any pinning you do on the first look will be easily accessed for the second look, so use bungees to create ponytails and not crossing bobby pins. 
  • Placing hair extensions in a way that works for both looks
  • Don't overload with product in the first look and find yourself and not being able to work the hair for the second look